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Roles and Responsibilities of Business Analyst in IT Company

Are you seeing yourself as a Business Analyst in the near future but are clueless about its roles and responsibilities. Well, not to worry because we have a perfect guide just for you to let you learn about everything related to Business Analysis.

In today’s complicated business environment, it becomes important to manage an organization’s adaptability and the constant changes through innovation and these can turn out to be the ultimate key to success. The traditional methods do not hold relevance in today’s date. If there is an economic downfall, dependency on traditional methods wouldn’t solve the problem. It is in these scenarios that a Business Analyst is most needed as they can make it all happen more efficiently and effectively.

The primary objective of a Business Analyst is to design or think of ways to help businesses implement technology solutions in a cost-effective manner by determining the pre-requisites of a business related project and communicating the same to stakeholders, facilitators and partners.

The basic requirements that a Business Analyst needs to withhold are:

  • Assisting with business cases
  • Planning and monitoring
  • Translating and simplifying requirements
  • Requirements management and communication
  • Eliciting requirements
  • Requirements that require Business Handling
  • Requirements analysis

Roles and Responsibilities of a Business Analyst (BA):

Understand the requirement of a business

The most basic responsibility of a BA is to work with the project stakeholders and try to understand their requirements and translate them into details. The need to understand the business and its functioning becomes crucial as the developers need to understand it entirely.

To add to that, in order to translate the emerging of question from the developers into such details that stakeholders are able to understand. The key skill that a Business Analyst should possess is the ability to refine the varying messages as well as the requirements of the project stakeholders into a single vision which should also be consistent. This task generally includes a certain negotiation reversing.

One of the most important tasks of a Business Analyst is to understand the requirement of the stakeholder so that that the time of the development team is saved.


Possibilities of the system

When the project begins, the role of a BA may be similar to that of the software development team designated for the same project. But they are also required to spend quality time with the consumers or as we call them stakeholders and the business people to formulate and talk about the vision of the business for the project.

Apart from that, a BA is also required to plot the scope and initial requirement of the project. All in all, a BA has to obtain the project concentrated early by transforming the initial high-level goal into something realistic.


Talk in detail about the details of the project

In order to save the time of both the developers and the consumers, a BA is required to understand and work upon the basic requirements of the project and translate the same to them.

The understanding of the project details happens to be the responsibility of the Business Analyst.

The entire planning needs to be discussed and portrayed in the right manner to the consumers and the business people so that the rest of the functioning of the project is smoothly executed.


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Public Speaking and Presentation

Being good at giving a presentation is what a Business Analyst must be capable of. There will be several times when you will ask to give a presentation on the planning of the project. You would be giving presentations in front of important senior business people or IT management people.

Your responsibility will be to impress the customers and this would ultimately have a notable effect on the growth of the business.


Support the project implementation

A business analyst is not directly involved in the implementation of the project until and unless they are holding additional roles on the designated project. Howsoever, if any problem occurs during the implementation process, the support would involve a meeting for problem-solving so that certain business requirements could be met despite newly identified technology limitations.

There are instances while redesigning a website when it is required to assume how the author outlines would work. Since Word press no longer allows the functionality, then the need to revise the author outlines page and then finds a simple and elegant solution for it.

Not just that, a Business Analyst would also be required to do a more active task once the task of implementation is finished. And this task can also encompass user documentation, training or acceptance testing. It has now become extremely common for the BA to begin to take part in the project through this stage.


Technical writing, Problem Solving and Decision making

The main role of a Business Analyst also happens to keep building the business requirements specification. They have to make informative and usable documents in order to succeed successfully.

You would also be required to do some technical writing at any of the stages of building the project. Having thorough knowledge about the ongoing project has to be a necessity. Apart from that, problem-solving and decision making techniques should also be included in your skillset.

Team building

It is the responsibility of the Business Analyst to ensure smooth functioning of the entire team. Business Analysts are basically required to lead ad hoc or teams which are formalized. They are required to coordinate and assemble the team members and also lead these team members to make them perform and play their roles efficiently.

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Business Analyst Role in IT Companies

In IT Companies, Business Analysts have a vital role to play. The role of the BA prominently differs depending on the kind of IT Company he/she is working in. Putting it in simple words, a BA in IT Companies takes ownership of the requirements along the project life cycle. While non-IT companies can have only the Internal BA, software IT companies can have both.

The role of a Business Analyst is very important for a company. They are supposed to manage and be responsible for a lot of things. We wouldn’t be wrong when we say that a Business Analyst is the backbone of any company. To have an edge over your competitors, do understand every role and responsibility (as mentioned above) in detail. The importance of a Business Analyst is huge for any company and similar should be the amount of dedication you put while instilling all the required skills in yourselves.


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