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DevOps Skills in Demand that Employers are Looking for

What does a DevOps Engineer do?

One of the most challenging roles happens to be that of a DevOps Engineer. The required skills of a DevOps engineer includes a strong passion for scripting and coding, managing deployment automation, version control, and infrastructure automation. In general, deep knowledge and a thorough understanding of serverless computing are what is expected from a skilled DevOps Engineer.

Typically, DevOps Engineers are senior developers and they exhibit skills in the following areas: Operations, Automation, Business and more.


Is there a proper definition for such kind of a role?

Well, basically a DevOps Engineer is the one who understands the Software Development Lifecycle and has the outright understanding of several kinds of automation tools for developing digital pipelines.

DevOps Engineer Skills One Should Possess: DevOps Roles

  1. Command and Experience in operating automation tools

While new technologies and tools continuously evolving. It’s important for a DevOps engineer to have a broad understanding of the latest tools and technologies:

devops tools


  1. They should go with the aim of achieving collaboration 

One of the most important skills that a DevOps engineer must be good at is: Being a great team player. They should keep the team together and keep everyone motivated to do their best work. Let’s say a big project need to be worked upon and so what a DevOps Engineer does is that he/she breaks the big tasks into smaller ones. Responsibilities are divided. Every team player is given a different task to do. In this way, a collaborative kind of work marks the completion of that one big task.

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  1. Expertise in Testing Skills

This is again one of the most important areas a DevOps Engineer needs to be good at. For your knowledge, Automation and Testing goes hand in hand and it is for this reason that a DevOps Engineer is suitable for this kind of job. (Go through the definition of this job role if you are still wondering what we just said.) Starting from the initial stages of development, a lot of tests are done to ensure that the application is undamaged. An application is supposed to work in a certain way and hence, to ensure that it works just fine DevOps need to keep a check on the app and prevent it from any kind of damage.


  1. Expertise in Security Training

An application needs to be protected from cyber threats. You must know that there is always a chance of getting the app destroyed by certain kind of threats, and so being trained in this domain is important. Hence, it is a major responsibility of a DevOps engineer to write a code that is stable and secure. These things need to be taken care of since the early stages and this is because the earlier the detection, the cheaper it is to be detected. Engineers must have the skills to protect applications from unwanted attacks to ensure systems against common cybersecurity vulnerabilities. Here’s an advice: Prevention is better than cure.


  1. Hands on experience with building cloud infrastructure

A skilled DevOps engineer is required to have some experience with building cloud infrastructure. Such skills help them provide support to various kinds of applications and several services in production.

Engineers should have a clear understanding of Data Centre and cloud infrastructure components.

Infrastructure knowledge will help you become an effective DevOps engineer. You will be able to Design and deploy applications effectively using the best of the best platforms.


  1. Should know how to ensure customer satisfaction

In the end, everything is about keeping the customers happy. The end product should please the customer otherwise what is the point. There can be cases when the operations team or the development team or any other team which is involved in producing the end result, face certain issues and there is a problem related to the final production of the end product. It is in those times that the DevOps engineers should come forward and adopt certain strategies to achieve successful relations with the customers. It is extremely crucial not to lose the trust of customers, after all, everything that is done is to provide it to them. Whatever the situation may be, it is important to not lose the hope and trust of the ultimate investors.

  1. Flexibility

A successful DevOps culture demands flexibility.

Multitasking is another key skill for a DevOps engineer, said Anastasia Grinman, DevOps engineer at JFrog.

  1. Coding and Scripting Skills

A DevOps professional must have high command on coding and scripting code. A successful DevOps engineer, you should be aware of Linux fundamentals and be able to write code whether it’s JavaScript, Python, Perl, or Ruby.


Now, apart from the technical skills, soft skills also need to pay equal attention.

  1. Communication skills

In order to work and maintain a cordial relationship with the teammates, a DevOps Engineer is required to possess great communication skills. Also, to communicate the roles and responsibilities to other teammates, one must know how to make others understand the same. The connection with the other IT teams shouldn’t be lost, rather maintained. There is a lot of communication which happens during the ongoing processes for the functioning of the project. In all of these cases, a DevOps engineer needs to stand out and ensure the smooth functioning of everything.

  1. Leadership Quality

They should also know how to lead the pack. The task of allotting various tasks to different teams and further dividing the tasks amongst different individuals; all of this need to be handled by the DevOps Engineer. A lot is expected from him/her and all of this can be achieved if the presence of leadership quality is there in him/her.

  1. Interpersonal skills

It is not just about communicating with people, it is also about communicating properly. The need to build a healthy relationship with everyone largely helps in the smooth and fast-paced functioning of all the tasks. Some disregard the importance of this skill, but let us tell you that it is only when relations are maintained that work is maintained too. (A tried and tested method *wink*).

  1. Decision Making Skills

Decision Making is an important asset for a DevOps engineer, as it is helpful in making quick decisions for rapid development of coding and new changes. A successful DevOps engineer will confidently make a decision is the hustle-bustle environment.


Final words

We have discussed the roles and responsibilities related to this job role. You must ensure that you develop the above-mentioned skills and stand out as a DevOps Engineer. It is important to understand that the role of a DevOps Engineer is not confined to a particular job position. A lot of challenges and them being a different kind of challenges comes in the way of such engineers and they need to solve all of this different kind of problems.

Hope you are well-acquainted by the information about DevOps Engineers and on your way to make yourself be one too. Get expert training by EnhanceLearn: DevOps Training Course

Happy reading to our viewers! Kudos to you!


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