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20 Most Popular Full Stack Interview Questions and Answers

Who Is a Full Stack Developer?

Full stack developer means a person who has the ability to develop and build an application or a product from scratch to live deployment i.e., from end to end. This includes UI/UX development, APIs, Database design and development and server programming.

In other words, a full stack developer is an engineer who is able to handle all the work of a products database, servers, and system engineering depending on the project.

For a fresher, things are not as tight as it would be for a senior professional or a mid-level talent. The questions usually start with an ice-breaker. The goal here is to assess as much as the interviewer can throughout the interview, as there are not many projects that such a fresher can showcase.

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Full Stack Developer Interview Questions and Answers.

1. What is your favourite language and why?

Full stack developers generally work with a variety of languages. Ideally, a candidate should have a hold in a few languages that he loves, preferably the ones with which he can design the front end as well as the back end. One should be able to demonstrate that well and should always remember to include the basic and widely used ones like HTML, CSS, and Python, etc.

2. What’s the most recent thing that you have learned?

This question is used to examine the authenticity of the information in your resume. One should be very well aware of the latest in the industry and have the knowledge of what’s happening. You can talk about the website which you recently tested as a side project, or a case study about a serious bug which you read about recently. One thing to keep in mind is to never give the interviewer an impression that you have learned nothing in the 6 months.

3. Which technologies and languages would you need to develop a project from scratch?

This is a debatable question geared at understanding the level at which the interviewer will measure your readiness to start the job. It is an easy way to differentiate a good full stack developer from someone who is a rookie. Hence one needs to be very careful about answering this.

4. What is pair programming? Have you ever done it?

Pair programming is one of the basic and core elements of extreme programming which involves the work of two developers on the same terminal. You have to answer accordingly to your experience with pair programming.

5. What is CORS?

CORS also is known as Cross-origin resource sharing is a process for accessing various web resources on different domains. It is because of CORS, web scripts can be joined more openly with external content of the original domain which further leads to better integration between web services.

6. Are you aware of design patterns?

While answering a question like this one needs to understand about the common errors that might sneak into while creating web applications. If your knowledge is quite explicit then you must push the employer to gain confidence in the experience which you have with coding.

7. What is multi-threading?

Multi-threading involves the process of improving the performance of CPU, the ability of a program to get managed by more than one user at a time or manage multiple requests by the same user is known as multi-threading. Basically, it is done by executing multiple processes that can be supported by the operating system.

8. What is Continuous Integration?

The process of using codes that are specifically designed and automated for testing is known as Continuous Integration. It is because of this process that the developers can easily deploy codes during the time of production. This process is mainly used to join codes several times a day. The main benefit of this process is for the detection of errors and then finding them.

9. What are you coding currently?

A person who loves technology will be always working with it, whether it be for your company or your recreational purpose. If you happen to be one of those programmers who willingly code for personal learnings, then you will stand out here.

10. Explain inversion of control.

This question can be asked to check your understanding of design patterns. You could answer this by describing a pattern which is used to decouple layers and components in a system.

11. What is long polling?

Long polling is a web development used to surpass pushing data from the server to the client. To request the information from the server, Long Polling is used. If at all there is no information on the server then the server holds the request and waits for some information to be available rather than sending an empty resource.

12. How do you keep yourself updated about the new trends in the industry?

A good way to answer this question is by describing your involvement in continuous learning through the community meetups you visit. You could also talk about the webinars and the forums you regularly attend, also if you have personal projects on which you apply your skills, then it is a good time to showcase that as well.

13. Provide an example of when you found an inefficiency in someone else’s code, and how you addressed it.

This question is supposed to seek out how smart a candidate’s quality assurance checking is, in addition to that, employers also come to know how comfortable they are pointing out flaws or bugs to others.

14. Give an example of a project you have worked on and the technologies involved. How did you make these choices?

This helps in knowing the approach of a candidate and also gives an idea of their precision in choosing the right toolset. You need to specify as well as dive into the details while speaking about the reason for choosing a particular toolset. Display your ability to play with both the front-end and the back-end when it comes to the development of a web application. It is okay to show that you have more experience in one side of the development game than the other but demonstrate that you have the ability to work on both the ends of the application.

15. Cite some examples of a web application that you have built and how did you do it?

This question helps the interviewer to get an idea of how you think and work with tools. The answer you give should be specific and clearly state why you developed it either on front-end or back-end.

16. What’s your favourite kind of role?

One should answer this as honestly as possible. If you are interested in moving on to a managerial role, let your potential employer know that. If you wish to remain within the technical field itself, make that clear too. 

17. How do you structure your CSS and JavaScript to make it easier for other developers to work with?

Front end developers need to work on codes created by precious employees or operate as part of a team. The answer can be given as “I organize my style sheets with sections for every site component. Each section has comments throughout the code, therefore, giving alternative developers the ability to change it.”

18. What is the main difference between GraphQL and REST?

An important difference to note between GraphQL and REST is that GraphQL doesn’t deal with dedicated resources. Everything referred to as a graph is connected and can be queried to application needs.

19. What is the biggest mistake you did in any of your projects? How did you rectify it?

It is simply not imaginable to be working on technology and be right all the time. The reply should be given honestly to this question, talking about a mistake and how it was serious and then speaking about your learnings from this mistake, furthermore explaining the procedure you adopted to minimize the damage done.

20. What’s the most puzzling programming challenge you have come across recently?

You could speak about the most recent bug which you came across and explain how you dealt and overcame it. Tell the interviewer about your information gathered while solving the bug and how it could have been avoided in the first place.


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