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Software Testing Skills Required and In Demand

Software testing can be defined as a process wherein a computer system/ program is verified to decide whether it meets the specified requirements and produces the preferred results. Somebody who does the software testing should know how to find bugs and also should be able to solve it.

So, what are the various technical skills that a Software Tester should have? We have made a little something for you to go through so that you know exactly what a Software Tester is supposed to know.

A software tester should have a basic knowledge of a lot of technical things. So, what are they?

Technical skills required for software testing professional – 

A software tester should have a basic knowledge of Database/ SQL

Software testers have a large amount of data stored in different types of databases. If we are to name these databases, some of these include Oracle, SQL, MySQL, etc. A lot of information is hidden in the background and by having a thorough knowledge about these databases will helps validating data whenever required. It is only possible to find the reason behind the minor faults and be able to solve them if you have knowledge of these databases.

A software tester should have basic knowledge of Linux commands.

It becomes extremely crucial for Software Testers to have in-depth knowledge of the Linux commands. Many of these software applications that we know of (Web Services databases, Application services, etc.) are installed on Linux Machines and it is for this reason that these commands hold a lot of importance.

A software tester should have the knowledge and hands-on experience in the Automation tools

Now, when it comes to Automation testing, the tester needs to master a tool and get hands-on knowledge of the automation tool. Automation testing basically means running the IT programs wherein test cases are executed automatically and produce the test results without any kind of interference by humans.

A software tester should have the knowledge and hands-on experience on Test Management tool

Managing testing related relics is done using the Test Management tool. Absence of this tool will absolutely result in the failure of software testing.

One of the tools known as Testlink can be used for tracking all the test cases.

All these test management tools are used by a lot of companies and it is for this reason that having a hands-on experience of these tools will help a lot.

A software tester should have the knowledge and hands-on experience on Defect Tracking tool(s)

A software Tester must be aware of all the Defect Tracking tools. Few of them are namely: Airbrake, JIRA, ReQTest, Bugzilla, Mantis, Trac, Redmine, Plutora Test, etc. These tools are extensively used in projects and are considered to play a major part in the completion of the projects in an efficient way.

Non-Technical Skills for Software Testing Professional

Now, there are some basic non-technical skills that recruiters look for in candidates who have applied for the job of Software Tester.

Communication skills

Good speaking and writing skills are a must these days to land up for any kind of job. When it comes to Software Testing, you will have to interact with software developers, designers, clients and other important members of the company. With the ability to communicate efficiently, you will be able to leave a good impression and show professionalism.

Analytical Skills

A software tester should have exceptional analytical skills. The application of analytical skills is a requirement for a job like this. Whenever there is a project or a number of projects lined up, examining the situation and applying analytical skills is quite essential in such situations.

Time Management Skills

The need to work within the time limit becomes a necessity while working on projects. Projects and testing related work requires the Software Testers to manage time efficiently and not neglecting the quality of work at the same time.

Be a team player

When you work in a company, you are required to be a team player instead of taking credits for everything. Any project has to be well-managed and worked upon by everyone in the company and not just by a single individual. Everyone in the company should contribute equally to the completion of the project.

Decision-making skills

There will be a lot of times when a Software Tester would be required to make decisions. At the peak, making an impromptu decision to save time is important. The situation will definitely be difficult but a software tester would be required to make necessary decisions. Having such skills adds a bonus to the overall personality of the tester.

Ability to provide Insights

Any tester with great technical skills will do a great job in the company. But a tester having in-depth knowledge or good ability in the workplace would be an asset for the company. The tester should also be able to communicate about his ideas with the other members. In this way, he/she would be able to take the company’s products/ software modules to the next level. A certain uniqueness in the ideas can do wonders.

An urge to learn more

Never in life should one be satisfied with the amount of knowledge that he/she has. There is always some room for improvement. Being a software tester, one should always keep in touch with the latest technologies. He/ She should also consider other’s ideas and should always take into consideration what others have to say.

Final Words

To become a software tester, one has to work on a lot of areas become a fit for the job. If you excel in the software testing skills, you would be amongst the favorites for a lot of recruiters/companies. It is definitely not easy but absolutely achievable. In today’s time, there are lots of candidates looking for the jobs as you are, you should try your best to ace the required skills in order to have an edge over others.


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