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Android Training

Android Training

About Android Training Course

Android Training Course helps you learn Android mobile app development. In this training, learn all basic and core concepts of Android Architecture and Programming and work with Android Studio, SQLite DB, etc. Our expert trainers will train you to develop android applications and work on the google play store. Get trained and certified as an Android Developer by EnhanceLearn.

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About Course

What is Android?

Android is a mobile operating system developed by Google and later the Open Handset Alliance. It is developed after the Linux kernel and other open source software as a there modified version. Android OS is a Linux-based platform.  It is a powerful OS aimed at and supporting a large number of applications in touchscreen mobile devices such as smartphones and tablets.

What does an Android Developer do? 

An Android developer is responsible for Designing and developing applications for mobile devices driven by the Android OS.  An Android developer performs Continuous evaluation, implementation and updating to maximize the efficiency of app development. They perform unit testing to ensure usability, robustness and general reliability. They ensure Bug fixing and improving application performance. They have a strong understanding of the application’s compatibility with multiple versions of the Android platform and device types.

Why learn Android Training?

With Android phones being produced by all of the major phone manufacturers and with the addition of new tablet devices, it's no surprise that the Android platform is the fastest growing mobile development platform in the world.

Having expertise in Android App Development can make you into the league of earning high salaries.   

With the high growth in mobile applications and the mobile development industry, the demand for android app development professionals is increasing landing with more job opportunities.

Future career scope of mobile app development is very high and will continue increasing. Fast-track your career to take on more lucrative job roles and take your career to the next level.

What you’ll learn in Android Training?

  • Learn Android basics, its Architecture, and the Mobile App Market
  • The various components of Android and Application Life cycle Resources
  • Create Menus and Layouts in Android
  • Use the SQLite Database for the creation of Android Applications
  • Learn animation, content creation, data storage, Google Maps API
  • Learn skills such as building UI elements, advanced string manipulation, try and catch methods etc.
  • Work with Android Studio, DDMS, Listeners and other tools
  • Design and customize interactive apps with multimedia
  • Publish the app on the Google Play Store

Who should take this course?

  • IT enthusiast
  • App Developers
  • Web Developers
  • UI Designers
  • Individuals or Professionals looking to build a career in App Development


  • As such there are no pre-requisites
  • Any beginner with the zeal to start a career in Android App Development
  • Programming knowledge in Java will be helpful.

Android Course Highlights:

  • Making you well versed with the Android environment
  • Understand Android applications working, life cycle, intents, manifestation, and usage of external resources
  • Using advanced features of Android like mapping, GPS access, and the camera
  • Gain a thorough understanding of Android Studio with Android architecture
  • Become familiar with tools used for the creation of the Android applications
  • Creating intuitive and reliable software using activities, intents, and services
  • Integrating applications with enterprise Web- and location-based services
  •  Master the concepts of components of Android development
  • Learn and Work with Android Tools and Software like Android Studio, SQLite
  • Design and Develop mobile applications
  • End-to-end Android Developer Training programme 
  • All resources and tools provided
  • Learn and interact with renowned industry experts
  • Hands-on training in the practical workshop
  • Guidance from experts on advanced level application/s building
  • An opportunity of personal assistance to every participant enrolled
  • Working on real-life industry-based projects

How EnhanceLearn Training can help you

  • 48 Hours of hands-on session per batch and once enrolled you can take any number of batches for 90 days
  • 24x7 Expert Support and GTA (Global Teaching Assistant, SME) support available even to schedule a one on one session for doubt clearing
  • Project Based learning approach with evaluation after each module
  • Project Submission mandatory for Certification and thoroughly evaluated
  • 3 Months Experience Certificate on successful project completion

For becoming an Android expert, choose our best Training and Placement Program. If you are interested in joining the EnhanceLearn team, please email at

Course Curriculum

Module 1: Introduction to Android Development Platform

  • Introduction to App Market
  • Introduction to Android Operating System
  • History of Android
  • Versions of Android
  • Android features
  • Android Architecture
  • Setting up development environment, Mobile Application Development
  • Android Development Environment
  • Dalvik, Virtual Machine & .apk file extension
  • Application Building Blocks
  • Android Installation
  • Java & JDK, Eclipse IDE, Android SDK
  • Eclipse, ADT, Plugin
  • Creating Android Virtual Device
  • System Requirements,, Android Manifest file
  • Java, Eclipse and Android SDK Installation
  • Android SDK & Tools
  • Android Virtual Devices & Device Definitions
  • Toast Notifications, Localization
  • Supporting Multiple Screens & Devices
  • Learning about the various components of Android
  • Application Lifecycle
  • Android Manifest
  • Android resources, dimension, image and colour resources
  • Resource reference syntax
  • Studying Android View and View Group
  • Card View, Web View, Grid View, Gallery View, Recycler View
  • The concept of Android buttons, check box, radio button.
  • Selection Components
  • Adapters
  • Tabhost
  • Drawer Layout
  • Canvas & Paint
  • Progress Bar
  • Introduction to Android layout manager
  • Various Layouts like
    • Linear Layout
    • Relative Layout
    • Frame Layout
    • Absolute Layout
  • Styles
  • Themes
  • Custom Themes
  • Date & Time Pickers
  • Introduction to Android intents
  • The implicit and explicit intents
  • Learning about built-in intent actions
  • Intent-matching rules
  • Invoking of activity
  • Data passing
  • Learning about pending intents
  • Role of filters
  • An overview of Android menus
  • Creation and deployment of menus
  • Responding to menus through listeners and options item selected
  • Deploying sub menus, working with context menus
  • Using xml files for menu creation
  • Responding to such menus
  • XML menu resource file inflating
  • Response to XML-based menu.
  • Android broadcast receiver
  • Creating, registering  and implementing a broadcast receiver
  • Broadcast receiver usage patterns
  • Deploying Broadcast() method for broadcasting message
  • Broadcast message listening
  • Using manifest file for registering a receiver
  • Understanding Android notification
  • Creation of notification and working with context menu.
  • Filters in dynamic Broadcast Receivers
  • Registering a broadcast receiver programmatically
  • Creating the Activity, Tabbed Activities
  • XML versus Java UI, Create activity layouts programmatically
  • Adapters, Menus and Dialogs, and Navigation Drawer
  • Selection Widgets, Using fonts, Animations
  • Common UI components, and Complex UI components
  • Handling UI events, Testing and optimizing UI
  • Understanding how services work in Android
  • Service Life Cycle
  • Declaring a service, and Registering a service
  • Starting and stopping a service
  • Types of services
    • Bound and unbound services
    • Remote and local services
  • Creation of service in Android.
  • Threads and other concurrency considerations with services
  • Understanding the Android preference management
  • Introduction to preference manager
  • Creation and working with preferences
  • The most common shared preferences
  • Reading of preference values
  • Saving and retrieving preference using code.
  • Android File System
  • Storage Model selection criteria 
  • Internal storage, External storage
  • Introduction to SQLite database and SQLiteOpenHelper 
  • Database creation using SQL Helper
  • Opening and closing a database
  • Working with cursors, Inserts, updates, and deletes
  • Working with cursors and records – creating, updating, reading and deleting records
  • Learning about content providers and its concepts
  • Searching for content, Adding, changing, and removing content
  • Storing data in Android
  • Content provider types
  • Custom Content Provider classes
  • Native Android Content Providers
  • Creation of content provider.
  • Publishing content providers
  • Accessing Contact Book, Calendar
  • Introduction to Android location framework
  • Integrating Google Maps into application
  • Steps for Google Maps API V2
  • Android location-based services
  • Using Location Manager, Location Provider, GPS and Network based tracking
  • geo-location and location API
  • extracting the location using GPS
  • Location Listeners and Proximity Alerts
  • registering for location listener
  • Adding permissions to manifest file.
  • Simulation of the locations on the active device
  • Registrations in the manifest file, Adding Markers, Circles, Polylines
  • Google Map, Camera Positions, Google Maps Directions API
  • Learning about Android hardware component integration into applications
  • Sensors
  • working with sensor manager
  • camera applications
  • Customizing Camera & Capturing Photos
  • Bluetooth
    • Controlling local Bluetooth device
    • Discovering and bonding with Bluetooth devices
    • Managing Bluetooth connections
    • Communicating with Bluetooth
  • Wi-Fi integration
  • Understanding the services of telephony and SMS
  • Accessing telephony information
  • Monitoring data activity and connectivity
  • Working with messaging SMS
  • Deploying it into Android applications.
  • Introduction to the multimedia features in Android
  • media components like video, audio, animation, visual graphics
  • Playing Audio, Video, Recording Audio & Video
  • Voice Recognition, Text To Speech
  • Learning to work with various services like
    • Audio and video recording
    • Frame by frame animation
    • Defining frames to be animated
    • Animation layout
  • Learning about basic Tween animation in Android
  • Material properties, Material Patterns
  • Material Styling / Animations
  • Overview of Android Resources, Creating Resources
  • Using Resources, Drawable Resources, and Animation Resources
  • Understanding Web Services
  • Web Services Architecture
  • Building Server side components
  • Publishing web services
  • REST based web services, Accessing Web Services
  • Features of Web Services in Android.
  • Integrating Web Services with mobile client
  • Overview of networking,
  • Working with HTTP to access the web services
  • Parsing, Parsers
  • Document Object Model ( DOM )
  • Simple API for XML ( SAX )
  • JavaScript Object Notation ( JSON )
  • Parsing XML and JSON
  • Debugging & Logcat, Debugger
  • Traceview, HierarchyViewer
  • Monkey Runner, UIAutomator
  • Debugging Android applications
  • Introduction to the various debugging tools
  • learning to export the app to the Google Play Store
  • Registering for the Google Play Store.
  • Release process & Release build of Android Application
  • Signing the .apk file
  • Content Rating, Distributing the Application
  • Merchant Registration for Paid Applications
  • Working on Live Projects (as applicable)
  • Hands on practice on project
  • Study material for practice
  • Google Certification


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Android Training
Android Certificate
Job Overview
Key Features
Training FAQs
What does an Android Developer do? 

An Android developer is responsible for Designing and developing applications for mobile devices driven by the Android OS.  An Android developer performs Continuous evaluation, implementation and updating to maximize the efficiency of app development.

How is career growth in the Android development market?
How is the demand for skilled android developers?
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Charandeep Kara 
I will give 10/10.

It's a good course to deep dive into android. You will get clear cut knowledge for each and every topic. The course delivers all this material through a combination of videos, assignments, and programming projects.

Lakshmi Dev Prakash 
Best place to learn.

I tried many different ways of learning Android but what I liked the most about EnhanceLearn Android course is their sample videos and projects. The mentor guides for projects and the technical support team is available 24*7 for any query you have during the course of learning. I'm really happy I took it.

Amrit Dixit 
Would recommend it to all!

It was a wonderful experience and learning from EnhanceLearn trainers. The trainers were hands on and provided real time scenarios. For me learning cutting edge and latest technologies EnhanceLearn is the right place.

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