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Google Cloud Certification Training

Google Cloud Certification Training

About Google Cloud Platform Training - Cloud Architect

Our Google Cloud Platform Training provides you with hands-on expertise in Google Cloud services like storage, computing, database, networking, and security. Our cloud computing expert trainers will teach you all basic and advanced components of the Google Cloud Platform. After training, you'll be ready to design and deploy scalable Google Cloud solutions for enterprises.

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About Course

What is Google Cloud Platform?

Google Cloud Platform (GCP) is a suite of public cloud computing services offered by Google. This platform includes a range of hosted services for compute, storage and application development which will run on Google hardware. Google Cloud Platform services can be accessed by professionals over the public internet or through a dedicated network connection.

What does a Google Cloud Architect do? 

A Professional Cloud architect allows organizations to leverage Google Cloud technologies. With a thorough understanding of cloud architecture and Google Cloud Platform, this individual will design, develop, and manage robust, secure, scalable, highly available, and dynamic solutions to drive business objectives.

Why learn Google Cloud Platform Training?

Google Cloud is among the highest 3 cloud computing services within the world nowadays.

Because of the sheer dominance of Google within the web area, the cloud services offered by Google goes to expand in leaps and bounds within the close to future. All this is often aiming to produce an enormous variety of job opportunities within the Google Cloud domain.

Future career scope for Cloud Computing is enhancing and vast.

Cloud Computing is one of the highest paying job industry. According to PayScale, a Certified Cloud Architect earns an average of $128,418 per year and the average pay for a Solutions Architect with Cloud Computing skills is $122,876 per year.

Our Google Cloud architect program has been created to give you a complete hands-on experience of working in the Google Cloud domain thus helping you land the best jobs in the cloud industry.

What you will learn in this Google Cloud Platform training?

  • Introduction to the fundamentals of Google Cloud
  • Managing and provisioning Google Cloud solutions
  • Implementing the Google Cloud architecture
  • The various GCP products and services
  • Analyzing data by running queries on GCP
  • Developing and deploying Google Cloud solutions
  • Managing GCP services using an app, CLI and console
  • Machine learning services in GCP.

Who should take this training?

  • IT professionals, software developers, administrators, those wanting to SaaS, PaaS and IaaS solutions, system and network administrators, project managers.
  • Fresh Graduates or Professionals looking for a career in Cloud Computing.

Google Cloud Course Highlights

  • Introduction to Google Cloud
  • Google Cloud services
  • Google Computing services
  • Google Storage services
  • Google Cloud APIs
  • Google networking services
  • IAM & security services
  • Migrating to the Google Cloud
  • Working on real-life industry-based projects
  • Mock interview sessions, resume services and Interview questions to prepare you to attend interviews with confidence.
  • Access to the instructor through email to address any questions.


There aren't any prerequisites for taking this Google Cloud Certification training. A basic understanding of any programming language will be an advantage for you.

How EnhanceLearn Training can help you

  • 48 Hours of hands-on session per batch and once enrolled you can take any number of batches for 90 days
  • 24x7 Expert Support and GTA (Global Teaching Assistant, SME) support available even to schedule a one on one session for doubt clearing
  • Project Based learning approach with evaluation after each module
  • Project Submission mandatory for Certification and thoroughly evaluated
  • 3 Months Experience Certificate on successful project completion

For becoming a Big Data Architect expert, choose our best Training and Placement Program. If you are interested in joining the EnhanceLearn team, please email at

Course Curriculum

Module 1: Introduction to Google Cloud

  • Understanding the fundamentals of Google Cloud Platform
  • Google Global Infrastructure
  • Products for storage, compute, networking, machine learning and more
  • Various availability zones
  • Different projects running on the GCP infrastructure including the Google projects

Module 2: Google Cloud services

  • Introduction to the Google Cloud Services
  • Managing Google services
    • Command line tools
    • App
    • Console
    • Installing and configuring the SDK
  • Deploying Cloud Shell for GCP environment management
  • How to deploy Gsutil

Module 3: Google Computing services

  • Understanding the Google computing services
  • Creating and managing of the Virtual Machines in Google Cloud
  • Launching VMs on demand using Google Compute Engine
  • How to choose the right computing solutions based on the workload like memory or vCPU
  • The important actions with Compute Engine, balancing the load
  • The various storage services offered with Google Cloud
  • Process of storing and retrieving data
  • Rich content management
  • Hosting a website
  • How to choose the right storage options
  • Integrating the on premise with the cloud storage environment
  • Nearline and Coldline storage
  • Clout Datastore
  • Managing cloud storage using Gsutil
  • Deploying the Google Cloud for
    • developing applications
    • debugging
    • monitoring purposes
  • How to choose right data storage for application data
  • Automating infrastructure
  • Managing the API
  • Cloud source
  • Functions and special APIs
  • Implementing and configuring cloud launcher
  • Deployment manager
  • Application deployment using the cloud engine
  • Introduction to the Google networking
  • Setting up the Google network
  • Connecting Google Cloud Platform resources
  • Isolation using firewalls and network policies
  • Creating and managing of Virtual Private Network
  • Working with cloud routers
  • Interconnecting networks
  • Various security and identity
  • Access management services
  • Various roles in IAM
  • Creating and managing google resources permissions
  • IAM Apis
  • Creation of custom roles
  • Sharing resources and isolation
  • Deploying penetration testing
  • Auditing
  • Security controls
  • Introduction to migrating to the Google Cloud
  • Migration Criteria
  • Choosing the right options as per the specific needs
  • Manage a hybrid cloud model
  • Complete migration from the on premise model to the cloud
  • Automation framework for resource provisioning


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Google Cloud Certification Training
Google Cloud Certificate
Job Overview
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Training FAQs
What is Cloud Computing?

Cloud computing is shared pools of computer resources and higher-level services that can be rapidly facilitated over the Internet. Cloud computing primarily uses the Internet i.e. the Cloud, as its chosen method of delivery.

What is Google Cloud Platform?
 What does a Cloud Architect do? 
What are learning outcomes of Google Cloud Platform training course?
What is the future and career demand of Google Cloud Architect?
What are the areas of expertise for the cloud architect?
What are the various components of the Google Cloud Platform?
What are the job roles in Cloud Computing or Google Cloud Platform?
What is the salary offered to a Cloud Architect?
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What if I have more queries?

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Prabha Devi 
Hats off to EnhanceLearn

EnhanceLearn support that came with the Google cloud platform architect training was really worth mentioning. I was awed when my every query got resolved in less than 24 hours. Hats off to EnhanceLearn!

Sushmita Tata 
Excellent training course.

Before I joined this training I made plenty of research about various training institutes but I wasn't satisfied with most of them. Finally, I got impressed with EnhanceLearn 's Google cloud platform architect training program and enrolled. I would suggest EnhanceLearn for anyone who is willing to take training on Google cloud Training.

Shobha Pall 
Google cloud training was best!!

I am really satisfied with the training given by EnhanceLearn. The Training was excellent and they keep you engaged in assignments throughout the program and that makes one understand the concepts better and gives you confidence. I definitely recommend this one!

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